Hycraft Logo
Several warriors fighting off a colossal ender king.

Yeti Esports
A yeti character commissioned for an esports team.

Hardcore Games
A King of the Hill styled logo, with several characters fighting for control.

The Reeve Logo
An ornate royal sword, wrapped in flame.

Trovical Logo
A forest and jungle themed logo created for the Trovical server.

PvP Legion
A PvP themed logo created for the PvP Legion server

Pokeballers Logo
A Pokemon themed logo for the Pokeballers server.

A metropolis themed logo commissioned for the MineCity server.

Minecraft at War
A combat and war themed logo for the Minecraft at War server.

A MC-Central styled logo commissioned by JuegosCraft

Ice font namepiece for IceyTV

Factions Lab
A server logo created for the Factions Lab serverr.

Dragon Network
A server logo created for Dragon Network.

Castle Clashers
A server logo created for the Castle Clashers server.

Candy Prison
Server logo created for Candy Prison

Bloons Tower Defence MC logo.

Avian Logo
Phoenix logo created for the Avian server/

Astro MC Logo
Sci-Fi Space themed logo, with an astronaut exploring an asteroid.

Barren Warfare
A post apocalyptic set scene made for the Barren Warfare server.

Shock Network

Momento Network
A large scene logo created for Momento Network, showing a village of characters living their lives.